Watch the stunning video for new Boddhi Satva & Jorge Bezerra single, Xangô

Check out the gorgeous official video for new Boddhi Satva & Jorge Bezerra single, Xangô, out now on BBE’s little sister label, Batakari Music.

Released on the same day, singles Xangô and Sácalo represent the two sides of trailblazing Central African producer Boddhi Satva’s unique sound, from percussive, underground deep Afro- house to deeply rooted electronic Afro-Latin soul.

Xangô features Grammy Award-winning percussion master Jorge Bezerra, who delivers an amazing rhythmical voyage in honour of the eponymous Orisha, or God, of the Yoruba faith. The track’s Latin jazz groove, coupled with Boddhi Satva’s Ancestral Soul vibe, is a stunning combination that’s sure to take dancefloors by storm all over the globe.

These first singles nicely set the tone for next year’s Boddhi Satva long player, ‘Manifestation’.

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Video Credits:
Filmed, Directed, and Edited by Rafael Duarte & Iuri Policarpo
Dancers: Skinny and Santana