Okayplayer Celebrate Classic Jazzy Jeff Album ‘The Magnificent’

Hugely respected music writer Jerry Barrow documents the hidden history behind classic Jazzy Jeff album ‘The Magnificent’, a hip hop blueprint laid out back in 2002 for our Beat Generation series.

“I was offered a couple of projects but never really wanted to do it because everybody back then was asking if Will was going to be on it,” says Jeff. “And I wanted Will on it if I wanted him to be on it, not to sell it. That was my first fight with just my independence. I was cool with Pete [Adarkwah] from BBE through Kenny Dope. I used to go record shopping with him. He said I want you to make an album that makes up who you are as a producer. He gave me a budget and I didn’t think about [the fact] that I was locked into making this record [now]. He knew what he was doing. Sometimes you have to push people to get it out. I was basically cornered.”

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