Ernesto Chahoud in The Guardian Guide to Beirut

Our friend and compiler of album ‘TAITU Soul-fuelled Stompers from 1970s Ethiopia’ Ernesto Chahoud get an honourable mention in The Guardian‘s new guide to culture, clubbing and chaos in Beirut.

“One of the city’s two notable record shops, Ernesto Chahoud’s Darkso Records, is on Bourj Hammoud’s colourful Maraash Street, south of Armenia. Chahoud’s stock of rare Middle Eastern jazz, soul, funk and prog vinyl, not to mention his larger-than-life personality, make the place worth a visit – if you can make good on his endearingly erratic opening hours. Chahoud’s record collection runs well over the 10,000 mark, and his first compilation album, TAITU: Soul-Fuelled Stompers From 1960s-70s Ethiopia is now available for download. It’s a fine expression of the skills he has honed at his long-running weekly Beirut Groove Collective night at sweaty basement club The Back Door in Mar Mikhael.”

Read the full article here.

Check out ‘TAITU Soul-fuelled Stompers from 1970s Ethiopia’ here.