Spinna Hospitalised

DJ Spinna hospitalised: donate now to help with his treatment and recovery

As many of you know, DJ Spinna was hospitalised on June 11th, requiring emergency treatment for a ruptured appendix.

Due to the eye-watering costs of American healthcare (plus being unable to earn whilst recovering), a GoFundMe page has been set up to help Spinna and his family at this difficult time.

You can donate to the fund HERE

More info, taken from the GoFundMe page:

“The recovery process for this procedure is long and difficult. As a result of this surgical procedure DJ Spinna will be unable to fulfill prior bookings as well future DJ gigs. This will prevent him from earning any income during this extended recovery stage. It will be extremely hard for him to support his family as well as cover towering medical expenses he’s incurred from this unforeseen circumstance.

DJ Spinna is a loving father, husband, and amazing friend. He has made countless sacrifices and donated his talents, time and energy for other fellow DJs/producers/like minded folks who have been through similar bumps in the road.

In his moment of need, a donation of any amount will be greatly appreciated in helping our beloved friend.”