Pan African Music on the Tabansi Gold Series

Read: Pan African Music Explores The Tabansi Gold Series

Read the full story behind our benchmark ‘Tabansi Gold Series‘ of classic African reissues on Pan African Music, as told by curator John Armstrong and label owner Joe Tabansi.

“More than four thousand kilometers from London, the titan that is Tabansi Records, founded in 1950 and today led by Prince Joseph Tabansi, was ready for an offer of exactly this nature. Having overseen approximately 5000 releases, the boss accepted without hesitation. Joe Tabansi seized this long-awaited chance to grant the dearest wish of the label’s founding father: to share the treasures of his archive with the world. The keys to this giant repertoire – where afropop, reggae, calypso, hip-hop, traditional music, gospel, funk and highlife all rub along together – were entrusted to John Armstrong, a close friend of Lee Bright and Peter Adarkwah of BBE.”

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