Talk To Me

Nr: BBE12048

DJ Vadim is prolific in his touring and production work. Since signing to BBE Records early in 2007 he has performed over 100 lives shows, created countless exclusive DJ mixes for street & radio, produced many new tracks. and continued to champion his own unique style which fuses hip hop, funk & reggae. He has no equal in his field.

This latest offering from the Sound Catcher project takes us to new pastures with the Vadim sound, bringing in the production skills of DJ Simbad giving us a 21st century psychedelic space ride, on Like The Wind, which has already been setting dancehalls across the world on fire. J Boogie brings us some West coast disco vibes, his version of Talk To Me, will have ‘house’ heads turned as much as the regular Vadim fan. Lastly from Vienna, Waxos.
This is probably the strongest single from The Sound Catcher project. DJ Vadim has an extensive European as well as US tour schedule through the first half of 2008.

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