MR THING, Chris Read & Pugs Atomz, The Herbaliser

Samplethon – Digging The Bruton Vaults

Nr: BRX1

Universal Production Music & WhoSampled Presents: ‘Samplethon – Digging The Bruton Vaults’, a brand new 10” vinyl release featuring a unique collection of tracks that sample music from the widely acclaimed Bruton Vaults.

We gave a group of the UK’s most renowned diggers access to the Bruton Vaults…

Their challenge: To uncover the best hidden samples in the vaults.

We then passed these samples onto 20 up-and-coming producers, who competed against each other (and the clock) to make the best and most creative use of the samples.

The result: Samplethon – Digging the Bruton Vaults (BR651), showcasing the winning entries produced at the event alongside tracks from the artists who made up the event’s panel of judges and mentors.

1. Soundsci – Jack The Ripper
2. Chris Read & Pugs Atomz – Feels Right
3. Mr Thing – Bold
4. Danny Drive Thru – Dark Approach
1. Bigg Kid – DNGR
2. Sup Nasa – Been There Done That
3. Mark Rae – Robotik

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