Fae Simon


The opportunity to experience different walks of life is heightened when on tour. Whilst traveling across Europe on The Good Girls Rarely Make History tour with Yarah Bravo and DJ That Fucking Sara – and then on the road with Jehsts’ Dragon of an Ordinary Family Tour – Fae met a rich diversity of amazing people, as well as gaining a deep understanding of the positives and negatives of being on the road. Across the many countries, races, ages and creeds, the common denominator was their shared love of music.
These interactions allowed her to reflect uponwhat it is to be human, as well as an artist, and to expand her perspective by illuminating the daily conflicts and tensions we all survive, and how we create joy within them. It made her realise the significance of music – how it touches and connects every being on the planet.
This gift is given to artists by The Most High to help others, not only ourselves. When we share our gifts, others are compelled to continue the cycle of giving, thus making it perpetual, eternal. The shift she experienced was from internalising her experiences to projecting them outwards, then looking back from the outside in. This is Outrospective.

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