Ngnari Konon feat. Oumou Sangare

The single “Ngnari Konon” produced by Boddhi Satva and featured on his debut album “Invocation” is Oumou Sangaré’ first ever electronic collaboration. Oumou is a winner of many awards, most notably the IMC-UNESCO International Music Prize 2001 (for her contribution to “the enrichment and the development of music as well as for the cause of peace, for the understanding among peoples and international cooperation”) and a Grammy Award (2011).

In 2012, shortly after the critically acclaimed release of his album “Invocation” on BBE Records, Boddhi Satva travelled to Mali to meet Oumou Sangaré once more and to shoot a video with her.

The single “Ngnari Konon” features remixes by Louie Vega, Manoo, Josh Milan and Boddhi Satva himself.

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