Nankoumandjan – Including Remixes by Boddhi Satva & Rancido

Nankoumandjan is a beautiful track taken from Boddhi Satva’s album “Invocation” released on BBE earlier this year. The single comes with remixes by Boddhi Satva himself and Rancido. The song features the late singer Mangala Camara, a real superstar in Mali. The legendary Salif Kéita noticed his talent very early and made sure he became a member of “The Ambassadors” as a drummer and back vocalist. Later on he went to France, where he continued to pursue his musical career and was awarded the Great “Discovery” Price of Radio France International. After 18 years abroad and 5 albums he returned to Mali in 2001. Boddhi Satva had the chance to meet Mangala in Bamako in 2009 and together they recorded “Nankoumandjan” at Mangala’s house. A mutual respect and friendship came to life but a year later Mangala passed suddenly leaving behind music that will last the taste of time. Nankoumandjan is a song dedicated to the children victim of wars and most of the time enrolled as child soldiers by force.

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