Fae Simon

Fae Simon – The One That Got Away

Succeeding her 2015 album ‘Outrospective’, Fae Simon returns to BBE with ‘The One That Got Away’, a track taken from the LP and packaged with a selection of brand new remixes. Touring with Yarah Bravo & Jehst among others gave Fae a wealth of experience and helped her to refine a truly individual writing and performance style.

A unique, simple and quirky genre-defying track ‘The One…’ is addictive and energetic, with empowering lyrics and and original delivery. DJ Raw Sugar takes the track into smooth 80s boogie/disco territory, with sleazy synths and a Balearic groove. Shaun Ashby’s ‘Back II Basics Dub’ version is reminiscent of early garage, with its stripped beats, smooth chords and heavily chopped vocals.

A real gem of a track from one of music’s true free spirits, and a timely reminder to those who missed Fae’s debut album to check it out.

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