Nr: BAT001SDG5

Following the 2020 release of the Boddhi Satva-produced album ‘Trouble-Fête’ by “Belgican” (Belgian / African) rapper Badi, comes ‘Enjaillement’: a brand new single recorded by the pair and released on Batakari Music.

The party is not over for Badi & Boddhi Satva, it has only just (re)started! ‘Enjaillement’ is about the excitement, effervescence and frenzy of the return to the dance floor that we’ve missed so much over the past eighteen months!

Badi will be in concert on December 2nd at TransMusicales in Rennes and on December 4th in Paris at FGO Barbara. The opportunity to finally celebrate the release of the latest album Trouble-Fête in France and party together!

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