My early influences were the many different styles of music being played in my household as a child, namely classical Indian music by my father & 70’s rock & soul by my elder brothers as well as popular radio. As both my father & brothers were avid record buyers I was immersed in vinyl from the late 60’s onwards. My first love was disco & soul but my ears were always open to all kinds of music and I started buying my own records from 1977. By the mid 80’s it was an obsession which was proving impossible to satisfy financially so I decided to leave my apprenticeship as a film editor and take a job at Reckless Records in Soho in 1988. It was only supposed to be for a short time, but I ended staying there for 17 years and was part/owner manager. During this time I came into contact with countless DJs, musicians, producers & collectors and also forged many long lasting friendships. I DJ-ed extensively during the 80’s & 90’s but also became a private record dealer to many hardcore collectors around the world. I travelled all over to unearth new records primarily for myself, and accumulated so many I was able to start my own website


Obsessive collector, record store owner and mine of musical knowledge, Zaf is vinyl junkie of the highest order. His first ‘Private Wax’ compilation came in 2012 and immediately became a highly sought after gem, due to the rare and wonderful…


– VINYL OUT OF STOCK – Zaf Zafsmusic brings you the the holiest of grails for 12″ collectors in the first of the Private Wax 12″ vinyl only series. First release is the 12″ extended mixes of King Tutt’s “D-A-N-C-I-N…


Private Wax Volume 1 compiled by comprises 16 scintillating excursions into the deep disco & boogie world of privately pressed & produced gems. Taking in rare disco, a touch of disco-rap and other exciting disco fusions and boogie heat,…