Yan Tregger

Born in Algeria to French parents of Italian origin, Edouard Joseph Scotto Di Suoccio released a number of chanson singles in the late sixties as Ted Scotto. He began making music under the name Yan Tregger with the easy listening meets jazz funk LP ‘Freezing Point’ in 1974. Only the deepest of jazz funk diggers would know his killer LP from the same year ‘Schifters’ recorded with Jacky Giordano for the small Freesound label. During this period he was working for the prolific French library music label L’Illustration Musicale, recording the psych tinged ‘The Pop World of Yan Tregger’ under the name The Yan Tregger Group. But it was under the moniker Major Symphony that Scotto Di Suoccio first fired up the dancefloors of clubs like Le Palace in Paris. Recorded for the Philips label in 1974/76 ‘Prophetic Soul’ and ‘Odyssea’ have become much sought after amongst fans of the headier more psychedelic end of disco. He also recorded two more straight-ahead disco LPs around the same time with the group MBT Soul including the big selling ‘Chase’. But albums ‘Ducks & Drakes’ and ‘Catchy’ before it, have become sought-after leftfield masterworks, funky and spacey disco tailor made for a 3am drop on dancefloors across the world – from ‘Horse Meat Disco’ in London to ‘Mister Saturday Night’ in New York.


Yan Tregger remains one of the more cultish names to emerge from the experimental French disco scene of the 1970s. But to a growing number of obsessive crate diggers, the two LPs recorded for the Musical Touch Sound label in…


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