The antidote to Rhythm & Bullshit

To some people, mainstream R&B
as we know it might as well be
called Rhythm & Bullshit. Radio &
major label consolidation has
pushed to the forefront a devolved
version of a genre that spawned
Marvin, Aretha & Stevie. The genre
as we know it has acquiesced to a
familiar hit formula and given up it’s
power to touch the soul of a person
through honesty, positivity &
creativity. On the fringes of mainstream
R&B exists one man named
“V” driven to change this through
his music.
The Revelation
V’s debut “The Revelation Is
Now Televised” (T.R.I.N.T.) has the
makings of a future classic from the
inspiring “Would You Be Mine”, &
“Confess” that deal with courtships
to the spine tingling “Born Again,”
featuring his close associate Jill
Scott. Not a stranger to dance music
through his past work with Masters
At Work, V step’s it up a notch and
takes it to the dance floor on
“Anotha Phase” touching on meaningless
encounters. V’s diversity as a
writer shines through on the album
with a healthy balance of songs that
not only deal with relationships &
heartbreak. On “Who would I Be”
and “Picture This” we find V painting
a picture of a better world aided
by the opportunity to make a difference.
T.R.I.N.T. is a testament to the
soul that modern R&B has lost.
A Touch of Jazz
Bringing the soul back
through A Touch of Jazz, The
T.R.I.N.T. album was created at
Jazzy Jeff’s legendary Philadelphia
studio, that has been responsible for
developing world-class talent. There
V not only worked on his debut but
he also built an impressive resume
highlighted by both production and
writing on Musiq Soulchild’s
“Juslisen”, Will Smith’s “Big Willie
Style,” and co-writing a song for
Justin Timberlake’s mega-selling
“Justified” album. V’s style is the
blueprint of the Philly sound, he’s
been there in the background, writing
for quite a while, he’s also had a
strong influence on the likes of Jill
Scott, Musiq Soulchild, and Billal all
of whom have collaborated with
him. In fact right now, he’s touring
with Jill. Having accomplished a
tremendous amount for others at A
Touch of Jazz, V decided it was
finally time to launch his own journey
as an artist by recording “The
Revelation is Now Televised.” It’s
been a long time coming. Those in
the inner circle of the soul scene
have known about V for eons,
mainly through word of mouth, his
songwriting or his live appearances.
Now with his stunning debut album
the rest of the world can discover
this amazing new talent.
A Star is Born
Born Valvin Roane II, V was
nicknamed at an early age by his
father. Raised in South Jersey, V’s
parents were dedicated members of
their local church’s gospel choir.
While attending Drexel University,
V began singing in the school gospel
choir and frequently sang the
national anthem at Drexel home
games. It was at Drexel that V met
renowned producer, James Poyser
(Common / Jill Scott / Vivian Green)
who would eventually play
keyboards for V when he started to
perform locally. After some time V
found his way to singing back-up
vocals on Christopher Williams’ first
album under the direction of
producer Nick Martinelli at the
famous Sigma Sound Studios. His
undeniable talent, led him to soon
after release his first single, “It’s
Raining” through Up & Up Productions.
The song received significant
airplay on Philadelphia radio station
Power 99 and reached #1 on its “9 at
9” countdown. It was this experience
that lead V to A Touch of Jazz,
where his talents were further developed
with the assistance of Grammy
Award winning producer Jazzy Jeff
and the special album you now hold
in your hands was created.


The opening single from V’s long player ‘The Revelation Will Now Be Televised’ is soul music at its very best. It was recorded at the legendary ‘Touch of Jazz Studios’ it features a guest appearance from multi platinum, grammy award…