The Incognito Traveller

The theme of a voyage is the conceptual thread that brings together The Incognito Traveller’s explorations. Every human being will see other people travelling and never know their reason for being, moving, travelling – each human will never know anything about all other travellers. All other travellers are, and will forever remain, anonymous, to the masses. Everyone is the viewer and, at once, anonymous. Everyone has an identity, everyone remains unidentified. A traveller lost among travellers, an incognito traveller.

Enrico Gianfranchi, an Italian visual designer with a varied cultural background, creates The Incognito Traveller based on a jazz-hop idea in 2003 after a few years producing beats for underground hip-hop artists and playing afrobeat and hard jazz DJ sets. A remix for The Dining Rooms and the release of a very well-reviewed first EP in 2007 through Discos Konfort prompted new recording sessions. César Juárez-Joyner, a recognized contemporary music composer and producer from Mexico, joined the project adding new ideas through his particular interest in cultural peculiarities and the exchanges between Old and New World. Now a duo with many ideas and concepts, The Incognito Traveller embarked on an extended period of musical explorarion resulting in two entirely different albums worth of material: Movements of Migration and Ravine. Movements of Migration observes people in their spiritual, urban, and rural facets, with no distinctions proposing an inquisitive view of humanity, while Ravine turns inwards to explore various states of consciousness and unveil unexplored interior spaces and beautifully complex inner worlds.

BBE Music released Movements of Migration in early 2016 to much worldwide radio play and praise, projecting The Incognito Traveller into the nu-jazz / trip-hop world and prompting a summer tour through Europe in 2016. BBE Music will release Ravine worldwide in late April 2017, further expanding The Incognito Traveller’s musical and conceptual palette.


‘Vestibule’ and ‘A Mere Subjective Experience’ open the doors to a new voyage called ‘Ravine’, courtesy of The Incognito Traveller. This time around the music takes an introspective twist and looks within to discover what lies beneath the skin, beyond…


RAVINE – Explorations into various human states of consciousness The Incognito Traveller presents a profound exploration into the deepest crevices of the human subconscious on Ravine. Each song writhes and meanders into the listener in different ways and the album…


Movements of Migration is a voyage through the various ways humanity changes internally, physically, and spatially, and how those aspects affect each other. People change on the inside and as a result they migrate physically; people move from place to…


Silent NY and Genevieve are a taster for the forthcoming album “Movements of Migration” by The Incognito Traveller. The album is a voyage through the various ways humanity changes internally, physically, and spatially, and how those aspects affect each other.…