Shawn Lee loves the pick and mix aesthetic of hip-hop music. His personal connection goes back to the early 80s, playing live accompaniment on drums vamping on Chic’s Good Times while budding rappers would pass the mic doing their bedroom rhymes. A year or 2 later, playing Rufus’ Ain’t Nobody while b-boys break danced to it. From there, he moved on to programming beats on Linn drums, Dmx’s, SP 12 & 1200’s and MPC drum machines. Not to mention, he is the same “Shawn Lee” that made all those drum break records back in the 90’s. So he’s not new to this, simply true to this!!!
In terms of inspiration, Prince Paul and De La & and his old friends The Dust Brothers producing the Beastie’s Paul’s Boutique, laid down the gauntlet/blue print for sample based productions. 3 Feet High still stands tall for him after all this time.


Golden Age Against The Machine is a total passion play. A living audio love letter to The Golden age of hip-hop. For Shawn this spans the early 80s to mid 90s. Like many other musicians, sample based production effected him…


First single from Shawn Lee’s Long Player ‘Soul Visa’ features the talents of Psapp (Domino records) remixing this Shawn Lee penned song.


Originally released in 2006, Radiohead tribute album ‘Exit Music: Songs with Radio Heads’ returns to its original home at BBE Music. Featuring eclectic cover versions of Thom Yorke’s songs by Mark Ronson, Pete Kuzma, Alex Greenwald of Phantom Planet, Sia,…