After more than 20 years delivering timeless music for many of the world best electronic music labels, native Glasgow producer Vince Watson’s prolific career enters its 3rd phase in 2018.

After 8 albums and almost 200 releases, Vince’s versatile musical output will be spread across fresh and exiting new artist profiles, whilst reserving the VW title for the club music he is renowned the world over for, playing parties such as Richie Hawtin’s ENTER as well as being resident at both Berlin’s Tresor and 909 Festival in Amsterdam.

The first of these new projects to appear is ‘Quart’, with its debut album ‘Life Is Beautiful’ forthcoming on the legendary BBE Music. focusing on the jazz, piano & classical orchestrations Vince is so delicately able to craft.

The ‘Quart’ pseudonym will be taking the jazzy, downtempo and piano orchestrations that Vince has delivered on various albums in small doses, and going full on into deep detailed creations, bringing out the best music that Vince has made to date.

Tracks like ‘Solitude’, ‘Never Too Late’ or ’Every Soul Needs A Guide’ from previous LPs were small but significant insights into what was to be ‘Life Is Beautiful’.


A year after the release of Vince Watson’s ‘Life is Beautiful’ album, released under new alias ‘Quart’, BBE Music revisits the project with brand new remixes from Richard Earnshaw, The James L’Estraunge Orchestra and Sumsuch. Heralding a new chapter in…


Heralding a new phase in his artistic life, Glaswegian producer Vince Watson introduces his new alias ‘Quart’ with the cinematic masterpiece ’Life Is Beautiful’. Vince has laid a trail of musical breadcrumbs leading to the ‘Quart’ sound throughout his 20…