For almost two decades Mark Grusane & Mike Cole have been a vast music resource for DJs, producers, collectors, rare music compilers, and specialty stores around the world. They started individually, each with their love of music. They traded and sold music with those “in the know” for years. In 2004 Mark & Mike focused their energies into founding Mr. Peabody Records. The business plan and mission was to become a world class resource for all genres of obscure music. Until now, their focus has been growing the shop. But the soul of Mr. Peabody Records does not reside in the bricks and mortar the store, or even in the bins of records themselves. The real genius lies in Mark & Mike’s unique ear for music and as Dj’s they play quality music from yesterdays years up til modern times. Their style of play spans from the rare & rarely unplayed dance music from the 1970’s, 1980’s, and of course with


Chicago. A place celebrated the world over for the talent of its musicians spanning across countless genres of music. You name it—Soul, Funk, Rock, Jazz, Blues, etc. In modern times, Chicago‚Äôs Dance floors have had a worldwide reputation for House…


In 2010, the legendary (now sorely missed) Chicago record store Mr Peabody entered a new phase by teaming up with London’s powerhouse BBE Music to bring their hidden gems to the forefront of dance-floors around the world. Mark & Mike’s…