Fae Simon

Fae Simon is a soulful Jazz singer, a gifted song-writer and a vocal performance instructor with over 20 years of on-stage experience.

Formally trained in Opera and Jazz, Fae’s performance style fuses these traditional genres with Hip-hop, Rare Groove, Soul and Dub – a unique sound that electrifies audiences when she performs with her live band.

Born and raised in North West London, her mother was a singer and pianist who always encouraged Fae to sing – and her sister was an eclectic musician who played cello and listened to classical music, indie rock and hip hop. These influences helped Fae to develop a multi-disciplinary approach and formal appreciation for music composition.

Her debut album, ‘Mellowdrama’, was released via online download in 2009 – and established a solid following among underground soul clubs in the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Greece. Songs about the highs and lows of intense relationships – with romantic partners (Fly Love), family members (Sistar) and even her hometown (New Londinium) – gave audiences their first glimpse of a song-writing talent that had already been many years in the making. A stand-out track, ‘Hard Enough’, is the ultimate salute to every unsigned artist who embraces the lifelong commitment to persist and to hustle and to make things happen, despite life’s daily obstacles.

Fae is no stranger to the art of the hustle. Over the years she has supported, collaborated, performed and toured with a broad range of successful artists across the UK and Europe – including N’Dambi , Yarah Bravo, Jehst, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Pharoah Monche, MF Doom & Madlib and The legendary Beatnuts.

Her second album ‘Outrospective’ moves on from the theme of intensive relationships and personal reflection – and instead projects outwards to a critique on the tensions between art and industry, communities and authorities, past and present, balance and imbalance. It is scheduled for release in February 2015.


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New single taken from Fae Simon’s album “Outrospective” – with remixes by Mr Bird, Inkswel and Paragons of Goodness.


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