Originally conceived as a two-hour haven from R&B/AOR mediocrity for soul folk on radio, DJ Rahdu’s Diamond Soul Xxxperience reflected the neo-soul /conscious hip-hop underground, attracting a devoted audience of more alternative, sophisticated listeners who had been waiting for just such a show to represent their tastes.
Rahdu –real name Roderick Moody – responded to the massive success of his baby with, first, a string of open-mic street shows, and then with the launch of in 2008. Despite its local roots, the website has had well over a million hits annually and has become an important must-view for the global neo-soul massive.


On its way to becoming another much-loved series in the tradition of Stop and Listen, the Spectrum compilations, or perhaps more aptly Kon & Amir’s Off Track sets all from BBE, On Deck has been a music-format manifestation of the…


Around the locals “sweet home” of Birmingham/Alabama, if they weren’t belting out Lynyrd Skynyrd, the mainstream radio stations would repeat the latest HOT 100 zingers off the R&B conveyer-belt, much like the rest of the US. That is until visionary…