Badi is the Belgicain: the meeting point of Africa and Europe in the heart of Matonge, title of his EP, released on June 30th 2015 for the 55th Congo Independence anniversary.
Badibanga Ndeka, aka Badi, defends his project for a couple of years on the Brussels urban scene. From a Congolese family, he was born and raised in the Belgian capital city where he gets his passion for urban music and more specifically for rap.
After a ‘back to the roots’ travel in 2013, it’s in the African continent that he draws his history and inspiration.
His music carries a large diversity and defends the crossbreeding on every aspect. The artist uses Congolese rumba as well as rhythm boxes to rap
After the success of his freestyle for BBC 1Xtra, during the 2014 World Cup, when he was juggling between the Red Devils and the Leopards, Badi is multiple: artist but also father, he offers this side in privacy through his song ‘Na Lingi Yo’ (‘I Love You’ in Lingala).



Heralding their forthcoming album ‘Trouble Fete’, coming later this year, vocalist Badi and producer Boddhi Satva present ‘Virgil Abloh’, a song paying tribute to the Louis Vuitton designer and cultural icon. Perfectly expressing the contemporary ‘Afrobeats’ vibe combined with Boddhi…


With his brand new single, Badi touches a sensitive theme blended with a heavy sound filled with syncopated African rhythms and modern synths. Known for his skill to use the art of the metaphor, Badi confirms it once again with…