4 To The Floor x BBE present Serge Gamesbourg and Amir Abdullah

4 To The Floor x BBE present Serge Gamesbourg and DJ Amir Abdullah

Date Sunday, 16 December 19:00 - 00:00
Location The Book Club
City London

What a year it’s been! As we look back on another solid year of dancing and look forward to more, we wrap up the year in association with BBE Records to present 2 extraordinary record connoisseurs Serge Gamesbourg from Boston and DJ Amir Abdullah from New York.

Boston DJ, producer and bass player, Serge Gamesbourg began digging in the crates for forgotten gems more than two decades ago; emerging in 2018 with his first BBE compilation, lovingly titled Boston Goes Disco! comprising of his own edits and disco rarely heard beyond its city limits.

Amir Abdullah is a rare breed of music lover whose passion for music and understanding of the cultural and sociological context complements his deep crates of classic and records. A self-proclaimed history buff and student of sociology, Amir applies his knowledge to the kind of music and culture that rarely receives the respect it deserves and will certainly demand for generations to come. Just as the many Jazz musicians who Amir’s interviewed and documented over the years all told him that back in the day their music was dismissed as unimportant, Amir is part of Hip Hop history as a sample excavator, music historian, compilation curator and DJ and is already acknowledged alongside his childhood heroes. One of the few Hip Hop veterans who issimultaneously an artist and executive, Amir Abdullah continues to excavate and celebrate the seemingly inexhaustible musical back catalogue to the benefit of sample-spotters, disco-dancers, music nerds and adventurous music lovers worldwide.

Support as always from 4 To The Floor residents.

Hustle workshop will commence 4-6pm
House dance cypher 6-8pm.

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