• Record Store Day Special: When Did You Stop b/ I Think I値l Do Some Stepping On My Own


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    To celebrate Record Store Day 2014 BBE present to you two previously unreleased gems from the vaults, remixed by Glasgow's answer to Walter Gibbons, Al Kent.
    "When Did You Stop" by The J's was criminally overlooked on its initial release in 1977 except on certain dance-floors in the north of England. Al Kent included the 12 inch version on his Disco Love Volume 2 for BBE, and while we did the licensing deal we discovered the original tapes were still safe and sound. So Al excitedly set to work creating a more disco friendly version of the song, taking influence from his hero Walter Gibbons, which quickly became a highlight of his DJ sets. We thought it was finally time to share this one with the rest of the world.
    Similarly, Sandy Barber's "I Think I'll Do Some Stepping On My Own" was a big northern hit, but didn't receive much commercial success. And, like the J's, the inclusion on Disco Love 2 revealed a lock up containing the original tapes. Al's instrumental "Disco Jam" version appeared on our deluxe edition re-release of Sandy Barber's album alongside some John Morales mixes, but this "Classic Version" has remained unreleased until now. It doesn't seem possible that the original version could be bettered, but in Al's capable hands it's been transformed into a stunning seven minutes of soulful beauty.

    Track listing:
    A - The J痴 When Did You Stop (Al Kent Disco Version)
    B - Sandy Barber I Think I値l Do Some Stepping On My Own (Al Kent Classic Vocal Mix)

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