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    Otti Albietz and BBE present his third album ‘And the Voices’. This album forms the culminating piece in a musical trilogy which Otti describes as his initial statement, helping to identify and establish his musical persona as well as providing a plane from which future work will evolve. ‘And the Voices’ embodies and ties up loose ends and ideas that have been developing for the last 6 years.

    These steps began with his first album ‘One’ (2011), followed by ‘Bubbytone II’ (2013), and have now been brought full circle with this third album. Since producing music under his own name, Otti has been writing arrangements to his songs with the aim of performing them live with a group of musicians. For ‘And the Voices’, Otti directed the arrangements and co-wrote the parts with each musician during rehearsals.

    This album shows a continuing relationship with friend and artist Thad Skews. On the album Thad plays bass and sings backing vocals, and is the hand behind the album artwork. For the recording of ‘And the Voices’, and for future live performances, Otti has invited friend and musician James Gulliver on drums and backing vocals. Completing the studio performance is the inspiring addition of long-time musical supporter and session musician Darren Morris, playing synth and co-producing.
    As well as these, occasional vocal appearances are made by Otti’s partner Anna Graebe, who has performed on both ‘One’ and ‘Bubbytone II’. ‘And the Voices’ was recorded to completion in two days over the 15th album was engineered and recorded with Harvey Summers, whom Otti worked with on ‘Bubbytone II’, at Harvey’s Broadoak Studios in East Sussex. The band performed all parts live, including all lead vocals.

    Otti’s instinct and premise for this album was that the best performances were those that felt right rather than those which focused on a precise technicality. This attitude is the driving force behind the band dynamic and the recording process, and has allowed for spontaneous musical interactions throughout the creation of the album. Many of the songs you hear on the album are first takes and all others were captured within, at most, four takes.

    Track listing:

    1. It's Nice To Feel Alive
    2. Live & Love
    3. What Is It?
    4. Inside Truth, Nothing Lies
    5. Becoming Close
    6. It Helps To Be Honest
    7. Young Deceiver
    8. Not At All Sure We Want A Utopian Future
    9. Rabble Dabble Do
    10. The Song Of Aah

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