• Let The Rhythm Hit


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    WordySoulspeak is the sound of the new China. Formed as a musical alliance in the country's capital Beijing, the dynamic duo of 3 X DMC China champion DJ Wordy and production partner Jeff Soulspeak, WordySoulspeak combines cutting edge electronic production techniques, Native Instruments Maschines, intricate turntablism trickery, live Akai MPC routines and classic boom bap Hip Hop to make a unique blend of avant-garde forward thinking Chinese art. High profile fans of the groups sound include RZA, Diplo, Pete Rock, DJ QBert, and Stones Throw engineer Dave Cooley of Elysian Masters. With Gap, VW Beetle, Adidas, and art collective DD172 (New York) already enlisting their musical talents, the group are set to bring the sounds of the Far East worldwide with the release of their forthcoming album 'Let The Rhythm Hit' which will be released Autumn 2013 on BBE Records.
    CD track listing:
    1. Let The Rhythm Hit
    2. Smokeout
    3. Let Me Ride
    4. High Life
    5. Shake It Down
    6. Hope
    7. Yao Yao Yao
    8. Hate It or Love It
    9. No Escape
    10. Roll Like This

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