• A Love Surreal


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    Critically acclaimed musician, Bilal is once again ready to set the music world ablaze with “Back To Love”, then first single from his highly anticipated album, “A Love Surreal.” The single gives fans a glimpse of Bilal’s unique ability to reinterpret jazz, soul, and funk for today’s audience. The album, which Bilal calls an audio art gallery or musical museum, was inspired by the surrealist paintings of Salvador Dali. Overall, the goal of the album was to create music that mirrored Dali’s art with instruments as well as discuss the many facets of love. “A Love Surreal” will feature appearances from Robert Glasper & musical trio, KING. Never one to disappoint, Bilal is set to present a musical experience with A Love Surreal that is sure to be talked about as well as praised for many years to come.

    Track listing:
    1. Intro
    2. West Side Girl
    3. Back To Love
    4. Winning Hand
    5. Climbing
    6. Longing And Waiting
    7. Right At The Core
    8. Slipping Away
    9. Lost For Now
    10. Astray
    11. Never Be The Same
    12. Butterfly
    13. The Flow
    14. Outro

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