• Disco Love 3 - Even More Rare Disco & Soul Uncovered - compiled by Al Kent


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    Disco Love is a series of fabulous disco records that you have probably never heard of. All superb records presented to you by the legendary Al Kent from the unlikeliest disco haven of Glasgow.

    Al's been buying records a few years now, usually ignoring the in-demand or more obvious titles and searching a little harder for fabulous disco records that you have probably never heard of. Disco Love 3 contains just some of them.

    Not only that, but most of them are exclusive, unissued re-edits, spliced specially for this album by Mr. Kent. And there is also a bonus Disco mix by Al Kent of all the tracks.

    If you like your disco music deep, soulful and/or funky, then you've come to the right place.

    Vinyl track listing:
    A1 Mighty Gents - Mighty Gents (Al Kentís Edit)
    A2 Bo Galigher TSB Inc. - Oh! Baby / Get On Down

    B1 Sil Austin - Disco Lady (Al Kentís Edit)
    B2 Sandyís Gang Ė Hungry

    C1 Rhond Durand - Disco Fever Pt 3 (Al Kentís Edit)
    C2 Moses - Something About You (Al Kentís Edit)

    D1 Michael LeGrair & The Band That Played All Night - Hustle On Down (Al Kentís Edit)
    D2 Gregory Andre and Two Plus Three - I Want To Be With You (Al Kentís Edit)

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