• The Decade


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    Fresh off of his European tour with DJ Vadim (UK) Pugs Atomz is excited to be working with BBE records for his next album “The Decade” a compilation old and new tunes he wrote between 200 and 2010. All the classic Pugs song from his out of print albums, plus new music with some of Chicago’s best talent. Okay Player describes Pugs as "a rare renaissance figure in hip hop with a background in all the elements" Graffiti writer turned MC, MC turned Radio Host/DJ on the legendary Whpk (The first station to play rap in Chicago 1986). The director, filming and editing music videos for Chicago's next talent and himself. Pugs Atomz is the definition of an artist, never scared to explore and create something new…

    Tracklisting CD: 01. Pugs Atomz feat. DJ Intel - The Decade 02. Pugs Atomz feat. Psalm one & MCAdad - Now Baby 03. Pugs Atomz feat. Deuce Eclipse & Dave Ghetto - Memorial 04. Pugs Atomz - Griffen 05. Pugs Atomz - Tear In Your Eye 06. Pugs Atomz feat. Simeon & Wes Restless - Off Switch 07. Pugs Atomz feat. Anton Genius - They Ain't 08. Pugs Atomz - Dog Wood Tree 09. Pugs Atomz feat. 6th Sense - Winners 10. The Gent$ feat. Wes Restless, Ill Legit & Pugs Atomz - Carried Away 11. Pugs Atomz - The Outlaw 12. Pugs Atomz feat. DJ Vadim - Boom Box 13. Pugs Atomz - All Right 14. Pugs Atomz - Man Of The People 15. Pugs Atomz feat. Race & Simeon (Primeridian & Rashid Hadee) - Hey Yall 16. Pugs Atomz feat. Trixter & DJ Intel - All City

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