• Mouthful Of Diamonds b/w 10,000 Claps


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    Phantogram is in its original meaning form of a optical illusion. Phantograms use perspective anamorphous to produce a 2D image that is distorted in a particular way so as to appear, to a viewer at a particular vantage point, three-dimensional. Accordingly, while listening to Phantogramís unique multi-layered stereo sound, the imaginary experience of your eyelid movies will be pushed to another dimension.

    1. MOUTHFUL OF DIAMONDS This was the first track that we ever worked on as a band. I made the beat and worked out a fuzzy arpeggiation on a synthesizer. Sarah and I jammed out over it for fun - about 5 months before we started a band together! When we started Phantogram, this song was a reference point for what kind of sound we wanted to achieve as a band.

    2. 10,000 CLAPS We recorded the piano on this song with a shitty microphone in my parents house. It has a lonely feel to it. This song is about self-defeat. The 10,000 claps symbolize an imaginary audience that is cheering for you, when in reality; you are just alone - in your head - in an old empty house, in the country. We experimented with a hand - held tape recorder to give the song a haunted, (memory of good times in the past), feel.

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