• The Real Sound of Chicago


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    Chicago, A place known for its talent of musicians across many genres of music. Soul, Funk, Rock, Jazz, Blues, etc. In modern times, Chicago’s dance floors have a worldwide reputation for House Music. It’s a sound that has pretty much reached to areas all across the globe. In the Early developmental stages of the Chicago dance era (mid-late 1970’s to early 1980’s), there were scores of musicians recording dance music hoping to be the next mainstream success story. Well, for the artists on this compilation it didn’t quit turn out that way. Instead, budget problems, politics, being told, “I don’t like it”, or simply having the door slammed in their face, is what many of these artists were faced with instead. Nevertheless, the musicianship those artists possessed by far equaled or defined infinite status of what today’s market call “Good Music”. We’ve been distributing rare dance gems across the globe together now for a little over a decade. Being the music enthusiasts, that we are, 4 years ago, we opted to bring the art of record collecting to a higher level. So, while walking down the street, we decided to open a record store. Mr. Peabody Records was the name we decided on. Now, The name doesn’t quite fit 2 black guys from the South side of Chicago but according to our math, it worked, which it did. We’ve spent many years traveling various destinations, home and abroad in an effort to snare every possible unique vinyl gem we came across. We supported our massive record collecting habit by selling a wide genre of collectible vinyl globally to people of the same passion. As far as us being dance floor DJ’s, our selections gravitates towards rare and unplaced dance material from the past, with of course a few modern day exceptions. We are pretty strict in our programming so expect nothing but the best. Since the opening of our store, we’ve acquired so much more. So much so, we decided to do a specialized compilation for BBE. The first of its kind, highlighting dance floor material exclusively from the Chicago area, mid 70’s to early 80’s. This compilation is a musical insight to the black underground dance material made in Chicago before house music kicked in. We call it, The Real Sound Of Chicago.

    Vinyl track listing: Premonition - Your Love Is In The Pocket LaJohn & Sheela - Too Far Gone Billy Hinton - A Challenge Carmen Amez - Never Gonna Fall In Love Again The Moore Brothers - Bass Come Back Lonnie Givens - Runnin’ To A Disco Brighter Side Of Darkness - The Disco Ball Fantasie - The Composer [Mr. Peabody's Edit]

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