• Jul 15

    New More Like Trees Remixes Out Now! >

    Listen to the super fresh Afrikanz-on-Mars Remix of "Rubin" and order the complete remix EP "Rubin/The Night" also including Mr Dero remix and both instrumentals now on iTunes or from the BBE website.

  • Jul 11

    Bilal at the Jazzcafe London >

    Don't miss Bilal's live show at the Jazzcafé Camden on Monday!

  • Jul 10

    Loretta Heywood Remix EP Coming Soon >

    Sit back, relax and give this beautiful new Zero B remix of Loretta Heywood's 1991 top five hit "Winter In July" a listen! It will be released soon on "Five Shades of Summer - The Remixes".

  • Jul 10

    Mega Jawns Album Teaser >

    Here's your chance for a little glimpse behind the scenes and to get a taste of the first single "Joy" by Mega Jawns. Check out the teaser video for their upcoming album "Ten Letters From Home".

  • Jul 04

    BBE Night #2 in Berlin with Keb Darge >

    If you happen to be in the sunny city of Berlin these days you absolutely shouldn't miss the 2nd BBE Night at Gretchen on 5th July! Very special guest this time is Keb Darge who will present some tracks from his forthcoming compilation Legendary Wild Rockers 4! See you there...

  • Jul 04

    New Album by Bagar aka Tricky D OUT NOW! >

    Bagar aka Tricky D, the founder of the band Los Transatlanticos is back with a brand new album called "Equanimity". Don't miss this eclectic masterpiece!

  • Jul 01

    Pete BBE Sunshine Mix >

    BBE founder Peter Adarkwah mixing it up on soundcloud - not to be missed!

  • Jun 25

    Brand New Free App For True Ingredients Single "Smile" >

    BBE is very excited about it's collaboration with 'True Ingredients' and 'Immersive Album'. This project has been years in development, and with the blood sweat and tears wiped clean and the wrinkles now ironed out, it's looking bright, sleek and ready for action.
    True Ingredients (a band) have joined forces with Pkuczy (an artist), BBE (that's us) and Immersive (a tech platform) to fully realise the vision behind their new album ‘Through the Lens’.
    Click here to watch a demo of the release in action being reviewed by The Pharcyde and download now for FREE!

  • Jun 25

    New Video "Since You've Been Gone" by Mr Bird feat. Greg Blackman >

    The single "Since You've Been Gone" taken from the forthcoming album "Low-Fi Classics" by Mr Bird feat. Greg Blackman is already available for pre-order on iTunes.
    Check out the brand new video!