• May 15

    New Video: DJ Vadim - Hope feat Rio Hemopo & Sabira Jade

    Single from the forthcoming album - DJ Vadim - The Dubcatcher. Order your copy of the very limited 7" vinyl single "Hope b/ Give It Up" now, they'll be sold out in a wink!
    Vadim says about the video: "I wanted to shoot a video for this single and I searched for a video director.
    Unfortunately time ran out and the ideas didn't really come in. So I decided to do a video homage to vintage turntables spanning from 1950's to late 1980's... I feel this is in keeping with the feel of the track - it's a retro reggae style with big horns and a b line to boot. 15 vintage turntables including Garrard, Vacuum, Columbia, Fidelity, Bush, Dansette, Alba, Thorens, Technics 1210, Westminister. Music sounds better on vinyl."