• Aug 12

    New video & single "Bells" by Elyas Khan

    Elyas Khan is an art/rock composer and performer. Drawing from his UK-Indian/Pakistani heritage and creative upbringing in the NYC art, music & theatre scene, he traverses global musical routes as a sort of poetic trader: producing music of the awakening streets from New York to Mumbai, Berlin to Casablanca.
    His latest project 'Brawl in Paradise' sees Elyas stepping away from his band Nervous Cabaret (Naive Records, FR) and creating a solo album. Ahead of the album is the release of "Bells" which is now available digitally.
    Summarised by Elyas as "Bells, from east to west, ringing from monuments or mountain tops, sound a call to prayer, a call for alarm, a call to arms; signify a time to work, to eat, to celebrate. My own internal bell, the bells of my conscience, of my ancestry resound in the following song."
    "Bells" features British writer Neil Gaiman and New York circus and film composer Sxip Shirey playing the “Sxipenspiel”, a bell instrument hand made by Amanda Palmer and Neil for Sxip’s birthday. The digital single includes:
    Club remix and Radio remix by German DJ Team TurntableRocker (DJ Thomilla & Michi Beck of der Fantastischen Vier)
    A non-album bonus track remix of “Ruin These Streets” featuring Elyas’s side project Gentlemen & Assassins with Sxip Shirey on guitar and Brian Viglione (Nine Inch Nails / Dresden Dolls) on drums.