• Dark Flow


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    The theory of 'Dark Flow' suggests some structure beyond our visible universe - hinting at myriad other worlds outside our limited "horizon". It’s a controversial idea that fascinates Bombay Monkey, a band who like to create their own musical multiverse.
    Their new album ‘Dark Flow’ is a heady mixture of disparate styles: electronic dub meets Eighties synth pop with a slice of Exotica, wrapped in a cinematic production that’s infused with quirky humour and a deceptive pop sensibility.
    The supercharged drum’n’bass of ‘Monkey See Monkey Do’ recalls the similarly simian-obsessed German technocrats Modeselektor while the slow, moody ‘King of the Jungle’ bears a marked dubstep influence. There’s more obvious leanings towards pop too, from the playful humour of ‘It’s Not My Dog’ to the sun-kissed ‘Istanbul Dub’, a gleeful deconstruction of the 1953 Jimmy Kennedy / Nat Simon swing classic.


    1. Mindpower
    2. My Delihla
    3. Monkey See Monkey Do
    4. It's not my Dog
    5. Cat got your tongue?
    6. King of the Jungle
    7. Heartrush
    8. Istanbul Dub
    9. Love's An Illusion
    10. The Girl from the Future
    11. Feed Your Fire

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