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Pepe Bradock

Pépé Bradock is a French DJ, producer and remixer of the genre of house and techno music. Pépé started making music at the age of 14 by learning to play guitar, and by playing in several jazz-funk bands around Paris. He also started DJing and producing tracks for several hip-hop groups in France as well. During the early 1990s, Pépé was exposed to the then-burgeoning rave scene, where he was exposed to the techno and house sub-genres of electronic music. This led him to record and produce tracks of his own, with his first two records being released on the BPM Records label under the name of "Trankilou", before using his current moniker. Pépé has also done remixes for fellow artists such as Cassius, Alex Gopher, and Blaze, among others, and has released tracks for such labels as Kif Recordings and Versatile, as well as his own record label, Atavisme


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