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The theory of 'Dark Flow' suggests some structure beyond our visible universe - hinting at myriad other worlds outside our limited "horizon". It’s a controversial idea that fascinates Bombay Monkey, a band who like to create their own musical multiverse.
Founder members Guy Martin and Andy Organ started working together in 2003 but this is their first release since 2008’s journey into cosmic dub ‘130 Astronauts' which featured cuts from the legendary scratchmaster Mr Thing (an original 'Scratch Pervert').
Initially Bombay Monkey played largely instrumental music comprised of cut-ups and samples, and toured a stunning audio-visual set, supporting Hexstatic and playing at several festivals around the UK. They then upped the ante as their music developed into heavier, faster and dancier tracks with vocals., when Andy began singing on the new recordings.
Dave Tonkinsmith joined the duo in 2012 and now both he and Andy share vocal duties - one takes lead and the other sings back up, depending on whose voice best suits the music. The pair chime perfectly throughout ‘Dark Flow’, with melodies that will go “whizzing round your head like the hadron collider.”



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