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Dean Bagar aka Tricky D was born and raised in Croatia where he trod the boards as a visual artist as well as playing a leading role in The Punk / New-wave scene of the early eighties. By late eighties moves to London where he discovered the power of Reggae Sound systems. The worsening political troubles and escalation of violence in Croatia left him a refugee in Berlin, but he still found the spirit to immerse himself in the blossoming “Daisy Age” and this is where he began his DJ / production journey. There he got involved in cult underground club “Eimer” and became an underground break-beat activist, and spearheaded one of the first German Drum´n´Bass live bands, Elektronauten, and still found time to open "Tricky Tunes" record shop and after spending some time in Jamaica where together with his friend Mez he did a recording session with local vocalists, decided to start his own “Tricky Tunes” label as well. In 2000 he released together with General Electrick and Dj Deckart a couple of singles and an album under the name “Fab Factory” where they explored and pushed the limits of 2step garage. All the while he honed his craft as a DJ and producer. He became a member of a visual-audio project “Digital Tattoo”. Since 2006 he has travelled often to Colombia, where after regular collaborations with local talents, he went on to produce and manage the Los Transatlanticos project, released on BBE in 2012.


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